Estate Planning

Simply stated, Estate Planning is the process of designating how your assets will be distributed upon your death and how your affairs will be managed in the event of your incapacity. However, a truly comprehensive and effective Estate Plan can provide much more... (read more)

Medicaid Asset Protection

Parents want to protect their most important assets and pass them along to their children. A nursing home stay can decimate family assets. In most cases, Medicaid requires... (read more)


The primary purpose of death Probate is to transfer title of a deceased person's assets to his or her heirs or beneficiaries. When a person dies with assets titled solely in his or her name (or held with another person as a tenant in common), with no direct beneficiary designations... (read more)


Guardianship, also known as Living Probate, is a court proceeding designed to protect those who are mentally incapacitated. If you have a loved one who is no longer capable of making financial decisions and/or health care decisions for himself or herself... (read more)

Business Law

Family-owned businesses and farms are a mainstay of the Wisconsin economy. The correct choice of business entity (LLC, LLP, C-corporation, S-corporation, and so forth) is an important first step with many serious... (read more)

Real Estate

Horn & Johnsen SC is an excellent resource for residential real estate transactions including purchases and sales. It is common today for the homeowner to sell "For Sale by Owner." But with independence, the homeowner often faces risk... (read more)



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